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    For a wide range of applications

    The Goudsmit Magnetics Group Have a Range Of Magnetic Handling Solutions to Meet Any Requirement

    Offering tailored solutions for the lifting, transport and transfer of metal parts and components using magnets for a wide range of different industries, thus facilitating increased productivity and efficiency through automation.

    Over the past 60 years, Goudsmit has developed and tested an extensive range of magnetic systems with the aim of automating your process. For example:

    • Picking up sheets or steel products in the automotive/robotic industries.
    • Automatic robot handling of flat/formed (and even perforated) steel sheets or thick steel workpieces.
    • Separating the top sheet from a stack: this prevents a robot from grabbing multiple sheets at the same time, which sometimes happens with thin or sticky sheets.
    • Uniform alignment of nails or screws to reduce packaging volume.
    • Manually picking up small workpieces: this prevents injuries from sharp burrs, and dirty hands (especially useful for repetitive operations).
    • Moving heavy steel objects with a crane, e.g. lifting shafts out of a storage bin or thick steel sheets from a cutting table.
    • Automation of packing lines where tins or glass jars with steel lids are placed in boxes or on pallets.
    • Horizontal, vertical or hanging movement and/or transport of steel products such as tins, lids, sheets, pipes or shafts over larger distances.
    • Horizontal or steeply sloping transport of small, sharp objects such as punching waste, nails or screws without belt wear.
    • Easily securing moulds or workpieces for welding, grinding, polishing or assembly.

    For more information on magnetic handling, please get in touch below and we will be happy to advise and assist you to find the best solutions for your requirements.  You can also visit the Goudsmit Magnetics Group site for more info.

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